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Nuun Sport Hydration Tabs (8 x 10 Tablets)

Nuun Sport Hydration Tabs (8 x 10 Tablets)

Breaking a sweat? Nuun Sport is your go-the-extra mile water. Designed by athletes, for athletes, Nuun Sport is a clean-ingredients sports drink packed with complete electrolytes that replace what is lost when you sweat during exercise. Finish your workout strong, hydrated and replenished!


Clean Hydration

Everything an athlete puts in his/her body makes a difference in the long run.  That’s why Nuun Sport is made with plant-based ingredients, no artificial sweeteners and is Clean Sport Certified.

Clean Hydration for the win!!


What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are tiny particles that carry electrical charges. They help the body maintain proper function. When you sweat, Nuun’s electrolyte blend plays a key role in maintaining water balance at a cellular level.

Proper H20 balance = muscles, organs and nerves perform optimally.


Athletes and electrolytes

As athletes, we need electrolytes for both optimal hydration and athletic achievement. Electrolytes support major muscle and nerve functions that are put to work while exercising. Because we lose electrolytes through sweat during workouts, replenishment is key for sustained strength and performance.


    Sodium (300mg) – aids fluid balance/retention, nerve function & muscle contractions

    Potassium (150mg) – alleviates and prevents muscle cramping

    Magnesium (25mg) – aids in muscle function & relaxation

    Calcium (13mg) – supports bone health and regulates muscle contractions & heart rhythm

    Chloride (40mg) –helps move fluids in and out of cells, important for electrolyte and fluid balance

  • Typical Shelf Life

    > 1 Year


    When you sweat, your body loses vital minerals and electrolytes that need to be replaced for healthy recovery and lasting performance. Nuun Sport provides the perfect balance of ingredients for mineral replenishment and optimal hydration before/during/after your workout. Dissolve 1 Nuun Sport tablet in 500ml of water. 

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